Center for Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM)

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Contact person for briefing, technical questions and reporting of problems

Before you can book CALM microscopes you have to be trained on the respective instrument. The person listed below can help you with training and answering of technical questions. As a CALM microscope user, you must report any technical issues you encounter before or during your session. The person named below can also help here. Please also report technical problems using the following form.


Microscope Contact person Email Phone
Delta Vision Personal (PDV) Andreas Maiser 089-2180-74 231
OMX Andreas Maiser 089-2180-74 231
STED Miguel Guirao 089-2180-74 281
Nikon Spinning Disk Hartmann Harz 089-2180-74 281
VOX Spinning Disk Hartmann Harz 089-2180-74 281
SP5-1 Irina Solovei 089-2180-74 223
SP5-2 Olga Alexandrova 089-2180-74 348
SP8 Christophe Jung 089-2180-71 101
InViSPIM Miguel Guirao 089-2180-74 281
Operetta Sebastian Bultmann 089-2180-74 230