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High content screening



What makes high content screening different form standard epifluorescence microscopy are modifications that allow for aquiring data from many cells in an automated way. Typically, high content screeners are optimized for the investigation of multiwell plates (24 well - 1536 well). Another aspect is data analyisis and handling - high content screening systems typically include tools for automated analyisis of imaging data addtion to the software for data acquisition. Data is sometimes organized in databases.


Investigation of many cells and / or conditions in an automated way. Each field of view can be imaged under different conditions (e.g. excitation wavelength). Epifluorescence microscope with low to mid resolution. Live cell applications are challenging due to the lack of heating and  a CO2 chamber.


Light Source
Cermax Xenon Fiber-Optic Light Source

Fluorescence Filters
Emission filter: 360- 400nm; 460-490nm; 520-550nm; 620-640nm;
Excitation filter: 410-480; 500-550nm; 560-630nm; 650-760nm;

10x long WD
20x long WD
40x long WD
10x high NA (0.4 NA; WD 3.1mm)
20x high NA (0.75 NA; WD 0.6mm)
40x high NA (0.95 NA; WD 0.29mm

1.4 Mega Pixel, 14 Bit

Harmony Software Package